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House market summary for March 2024

March is quickly coming to the end, I hope everyone will have a good rest during the easter holiday and stay safe. 

In March, ANZ, ASB and BNZ lowered their home loan rates.  This indicates the economy is slowing down under higher home loan rates. 

Few large companies also are restructu...

04/04/2024 12:01:52 - Comment(s)
First Home Buyer Webinar in Mandarin 21 Nov 2022. 

How to own your first home in New Zealand?

This online webinar was held by our financial adviser Paul Lin, and we invited Solicitor Valarie Lee as our guest speaker.

It is designed to help first home buyers, with useful information such as the process of purchasing a house, how to apply home loan, and...

08/11/2023 11:06:13 - Comment(s)