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Unlock Great Savings with AIA's Premium Protection Plan

15/03/2024 16:01:53 Comment(s) By Pracca

Exciting news for all! AIA is extending its offer of One Month's Premium Free, helping you safeguard more New Zealanders while promoting healthier, longer, and better lives. With savings of up to 31% across the first year, protecting your loved ones has never been easier!


Here's how it works:


One Month's Premium Free: Secure one month's premium free by applying for an eligible AIA policy between January 15th and May 17th, 2024, and having the policy issued by June 17th, 2024.


Multi-Benefit Discount: Purchase two or more eligible insurance policies with AIA to access premium discounts.


AIA Vitality: Enhance your coverage with AIA Vitality and enjoy an initial 10% premium discount on eligible policies.


Don't miss out on these incredible savings! Take advantage of AIA's Premium Protection Plan today and secure your financial future while prioritizing your well-being. Terms and conditions apply.