Spring, a good season to check your skin and moles

11/10/2023 08:00:00 Comment(s) By Pracca

Skin cancer remains a concern even during the winter months, making spring a crucial time to check your skin for any changes. Here are six reasons why spring is an ideal time for this:


Constant Skin Changes:

Your skin is in a constant state of change, regardless of the season. Damage caused during the summer can take months or even years to appear as sunspots or early signs of skin cancer.


Easier Detection in Summer:

During the summer, when we expose more skin, we're more likely to notice any early signs of skin cancer. In winter, with more coverage, it's easier to miss changes in moles, size, shape, or colour.


Simpler Assessment in Winter:

In colder months, your skin exhibits fewer signs of sun exposure, making it easier to identify suspicious lesions. Summer sun exposure often masks these signs.


Melanoma Doesn't Hibernate:

Melanoma, the most dangerous form of skin cancer, doesn't take a break in winter. It can grow rapidly and become deadly if not detected early.


Hidden Melanoma:

Melanoma can appear in areas that aren't typically exposed to the sun, highlighting the importance of checking all parts of your skin, not just those exposed to sunlight.


Winter Sun Damage:

Even in winter, sun exposure can damage your skin, particularly if you engage in outdoor activities like skiing. Snow reflects a significant amount of UV radiation, posing a risk to your skin.


Given these factors, spring serves as a crucial reminder to be vigilant about your skin's health and to perform regular self-checks for any changes, especially if you've had significant sun exposure in the past.