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Shorter workouts VS longer exercise sessions

22/11/2023 08:00:02 Comment(s) By Pracca

Recent research has revealed that shorter, more intense workouts can be more effective than longer ones. The key factor is the intensity and consistency of exercise, not its duration. This approach offers both practical and scientific benefits.


Scientific Benefits:

Short, intense workouts can provide similar brain benefits as longer exercises, improving heart health and mental well-being. This approach can lead to healthier brains and sharper minds.


Practical Advantages:

Short workouts are easier to fit into busy schedules and increase the likelihood of a consistent exercise routine. They are particularly beneficial for those with time constraints. For instance, 30 minutes of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) can offer a comprehensive workout.


Exercise at Your Own Pace:

Tailoring workouts to individual needs, fitness goals, and abilities is crucial. Exercising at your own pace prevents overexertion, reduces the risk of injuries, and avoids burnout. Gradually increasing intensity allows for progressive fitness improvement, making exercise enjoyable self-care.


In summary, effective workouts prioritise intensity and consistency over duration, with benefits for physical and mental health.